Need Fiber Optic Networks

A fiber termination kit is very handy for fiber optic termination as well as for splicing and testing purposes. These kits are essential parts of any fiber optic expert since it helps make their job much easier.

You want to make sure that you get a kit with all the right instruments. You will be needing electrical tape, kelvar scissors, a set of screwdrivers, tweezers and pliers. That’s not all, you might also need safety glasses since you do not want to damage your eyes It is always better to come well prepared in advance to prevent any accidents.

Another handy thing that comes in a good fiber termination kits is a black marker for creating precise marks, this prevents mistakes. Also, an emergency lamp is also something to keep by your side.

There are a few more tools that come in such a kit but we just mentioned the main ones. All of these tools come in a hard plastic tool case that is easy to carry around and durable. This way, you will not worry about dropping it during work.

A fiber optic tester

In order to test fiber optic networks, you will need to have a good quality tester. These equipments come in a variety of models. These testers are for checking the length, fiber loss, locating events on the cables and other characteristic of the fiber.

An important feature of a good fiber optic tester is a screen whose results are visible even outdoors. This type of screen makes reading the results convenient. The tester also needs to be durable and moisture-proof so that it can function even in wet weather.

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